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madman101 in fascist_watch

LJ report: ONTD_p

This is a response to an im-posteur, posting over at ontd_political - (I may give the precise link when I switch this post over to MEMBERS ONLY). He dismissed a comment, (merely a LINK), as,"FEAR-MONGERING." Using information derived from alternate information offered within the linked site itself, he took it upon himself to assert that new uniforms for Alaskan air-flight attendants explained why the latters' hair were falling out, why they were experiencing rashes, etc. While that's ONE POSSIBILITY, ANOTHER POSSIBILITY is that RADIATION FROM FUKUSHIMA may be the cause, even if only a significant CO-FACTOR. He dismissed this other hypothesis out-of-hand, and basically insisted that he was in charge of what others may or may not comment, and may or may not think. I suppose he thinks that the role of almost all members of ONTD-d is to sit back and marvel or gossip about all the CRAZY OUTLANDISH things that famous people do, (sometimes even outside of politics). But HEAVEN FORBID THEY LEAVE A FRICKEN LINK OR COMMENT THAT IS DEEMED TO BE IN DISAGREEMENT WITH THE POSTER'S VIEWS! OMG that would be OUTRAGEOUS! Talk about fear-mongering...


"You start off assuming one position, (the Uniforms), and then accuse me of not using my, "critical thinking skills," when you don't have ANY IDEA what I am thinking. By telling me I am not critically thinking, you already pre-judge me to be taking the Fukushima radiation position, which you say is "tin-foil hat fear mongering." Ergo, you are calling ME a tin-foil hat fear mongerer. Already, you have reduced the dialogue into a polar, unscientific, political debate. Black-v-white. This is your idea of critical thinking? Name-calling? You seek to drive me into defending the Fukushima position vs the Uniforms position. You know what, I fall for that and what happens? I get branded a right-wing kook, right? Because I argue in defense of ONE alternate hypothesis. I don't know WHY you take this 4th-grade approach. Maybe you think that your ability to cut-and-paste somehow gives you magical powers of reading people's minds, or presuming scientific conclusions without any scientific measurements, or telling people what they may or may not think, or what they may or may not comment. It would be nice to think that this COMMUNITY exists for sharing, as a bully-free zone, opposed to reactionary, fear-driven FUNDEMENTALISM from BOTH the right and the left, where people can share info and allow others to THINK FOR THEMSELVES. Excuse me, but your TAG says "FUKUSHIMA," right? I left a link RELATING to Fukushima, with significant information for people to consider - whether you want to call the site "FEAR-MONGERING" because it reminds you of something else, or because it may be more right-wing than ONTD-p. The right-wing is not one single phalanx of thought, amassed around Koch-paid fundamentalist TeaBaggers and corporatist GOPpers. There are relevant human beings and information on the right. It is not my fault that a site may SCARE YOU - that's YOU, that's not ME. It's not my fault if you base your presumptions on political PREJUDICE - that's not me. Just like the true crazies on the right, you start of convinced you are right, and then rationalise any points to defend your conclusion-before-premises. Why don't you just let democracy work? Why don't you just allow people to become aware of various information? Why don't you allow SCIENTIFIC HYPOTHESES the freedom they require? You said that there were SO MANY OTHER THINGS bearing influence upon health in Alaska? OK - then HOW ABOUT INCLUDING FUKUSHIMA in this? Why do you want the easy way out of arguing in polarities, consequently missing the very, "getting to the truth of things," which you claimed to be interested in. Heck, why isn't that just plain BULLCRAP. I mean, COME ON NOW, USE YOUR CRITICAL THINKING. What the hell relevance is your point that iodine-11 has a half-life of 8 days, when the symptoms began LAST YEAR? Were you back there, last year, taking measurements? DO you KNOW that the uniforms were not contaminated IN SHIPMENT? No, you cut-and-pasted a post in ONTD-p. Woop-dee-doo. And yes, new uniforms are well-known to make peoples' hair fall out. I just bought a tie and my dick fell off. It all makes sense to me. You call this critical thinking? Ad hominem, polite bullying, thought-control, black-or-white... One more time: I left a fucking LINK. The link contained different takes on the same issue. And you come back calling me names? Reading my mind? Dictating to me? I tell you what, stay out of science, or politics. We are in bad shape enough as it is. Fukushima could explode into 85x the cesium-137 as Chernobyl, and you want to bicker about a computer link?! The post BELONGS TO THE COMMUNITY, not you. So kindly fuck off. Your correlation is not proved causation. "My" correlation is not proved causation. Look at all the information. Stop looking for trouble.

"Here's judgment for you: If people like you don't stop falling prey to the very fear and reactivity perpetrated by fear mongerers on the right, (or left), and rely on to manipulate, and divide-and-conquer, you will one day switch over to marching along-side NAZI-style fascists, from the left and/or from the right, and you will have absolutely NO CONCEPTUALISATION of how or where you ever might have gone wrong. Because you will always be convinced you are right. I am so, so tired of this nonsense."

And here's the rest...http://madman101.livejournal.com/1108306.html

Where is this need to CONTROL people coming from? The need to always be "RIGHT" even if it means resorting to force, because you are instead WRONG? It's as if a great many people have forgotten how to think or create, and they build their all-important egos upon the technologies invented in the past, being nothing but niggling bean-counters and bean-throwers, as if they are kings of the truth. As if they invented it all - by some stroke of endless, petty close-mindedness!