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Chase those crazy Bank-heads...

After all the OCCUPY movement's drive to shake up the inequality game, here we have a candidate running who represents all that is bad about the zombie wealth-suckers at the top, Mitt Romney. It's surreal, and tragically sad. Not to say that Obama is an angel - I'm sure many of you are aware of the hidden flaws of Obama. And to to say Obama doesn't also know how to lie like Romney. He does. I think Obama has been gleefully anticipating running against Willard Rob-me, because he was already aware of his corrupt tax record. And the Dems set up a strategy ahead of time, including Harry Reid's present polite offensive. But the dogged vehemence with which many on the right attack Obama for calling out Romney for not doing what should NORMALLY be done, simply release his tax records, has been insane. And this is after demanding Obama's birth certificate and school records... (and John Kerry's wives tax records, and TED KENNEDY's tax records) - acting like Romney has a divine right not to disclose his tax returns. Like the Democratic "attack" is GROSSLY UNFAIR AND EVEN DEMONIC. Ha ha... Insane... This is the way the Senators and elites acted before the collapse of the Roman Empire: absolutism, irrationality, personal vendetta elevated into the public commons, refusal to compromise, or even respect the rules of the game, lax as they are. Calling the repeal of TEMPORARY tax cuts for the rich, "AN INCREASE IN TAXES." All through this, Romney is dancing a ridiculous dance of lies, as if he is immune to the realities of OUR world - our votes... He reminds me of the Banksters. Flat-out, believe-yourself, random skirting attention-deficit BALDFACE LYING. Well, of course, someone like that should certainly be trusted about his hidden taxes. Of COURSE we are even considering him for president. Such a plummitting downward spiral of our public philosophy! To bald-face lie, means to lie without even having a beard to hide one's facial expressions. Like a bankster - you know the type. They walk a life along an endlessly nervous line, they lose their hair by the time they are thirty years old. That's why I think Romney has virtual hair - or else he has had it so easy, he has never had to worry a BIT about the looming consequences of his lies, in the same way a sociopath never concerns himself about the disapprovals of society. (Beardless liars with a full head of hair, therefore, are the worst ever). But I think it would be right to lump Romney, along with much of Obama's cabinet, into one category, called, "Baldfaced Banksters," or, "Crazy Baldheads".... Basically, they are the MONEY FUNDAMENTALISTS. We need to Chase them out of town!

"You LIE!!!: WALL STREET JOURNAL criticizes Romney Lies

''Banksters as Corrupt 'Fundamentalists'''

Vetrans for Peace / Against the Wars

VIDEO: 'Life over war': US veterans return medals at NATO summit - Dozens of anti-war veterans tossed their medals onto a Chicago street Sunday near where NATO began its two-day summit, calling them “representations of hate,” “lies” and “cheap tokens,” and with some making emotional pleas for forgiveness from the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. With many dressed in military fatigues, they had filed through the streets in formation, chanting "N-A-T-O, NATO has got to go," and “No NATO, no war, we don't work for you no more,” leading about 2,000 protesters on a 2.5-mile march.
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Big differences between Hitler and Romney:

Hitler loved his dogs. Romney uses his dogs as hood ornaments
Hitler only later became a pawn of the vulture-bankster-corporatists. Romney IS a vulture-bankster-corporatist.
Hitler didn't have a corporation which borrowed money from right-wing terrorists in El Salvador. - Vs. Bain Capital.
Hitler had gays in his administration. Romney only has gays in his closet.
Hitler called his party, "Socialist." Romney calls corporate welfare, "The Free Market."
Hitler was consistent. Not knowing what he is talking about, Romney flips from untruth to untruth.
Hitler was not a salesman.
Hitler persecuted people of a specific culture. Romney doesn't care who they are, as long as they have jobs.
Hitler appealed to the Fatherland. Romney appeals to China. (And Homeland Security).
Hitler thought some men could be supermen. Romney thinks all corporations are super-people.
Hitler snorted cocaine. Romney officially turns up his nose at drug-runners.
Hitler adored blond hair. Romney likes to chop it off.
Hitler tried to get inflation under control. Romney has no economic plan except forced austerity.
Hitler used Keynesian economics to help rebuild Germany's infrastructure. Romney has no economic plan...
Hitler made a bunker for him and Eva Braun. Romney destroyed his mansion, rebuilt it and put in an elavator for his cars.
Unlike Romney, Hitler never hired a lobbiest for his mansion. Or lived in his son's basement to snooker voters.
Hitler was backed by the far-right party of his country. Romney is backed by TeaBaggers.
Hitler was backed by a major car-maker in Michigan. Romney was spawned by a governor of Michigan.
Hitler was only married for 40 hours. Romney's grandfather & great-grandfather left the country to marry multiple wives.

LJ report: ONTD_p

This is a response to an im-posteur, posting over at ontd_political - (I may give the precise link when I switch this post over to MEMBERS ONLY). He dismissed a comment, (merely a LINK), as,"FEAR-MONGERING." Using information derived from alternate information offered within the linked site itself, he took it upon himself to assert that new uniforms for Alaskan air-flight attendants explained why the latters' hair were falling out, why they were experiencing rashes, etc. While that's ONE POSSIBILITY, ANOTHER POSSIBILITY is that RADIATION FROM FUKUSHIMA may be the cause, even if only a significant CO-FACTOR. He dismissed this other hypothesis out-of-hand, and basically insisted that he was in charge of what others may or may not comment, and may or may not think. I suppose he thinks that the role of almost all members of ONTD-d is to sit back and marvel or gossip about all the CRAZY OUTLANDISH things that famous people do, (sometimes even outside of politics). But HEAVEN FORBID THEY LEAVE A FRICKEN LINK OR COMMENT THAT IS DEEMED TO BE IN DISAGREEMENT WITH THE POSTER'S VIEWS! OMG that would be OUTRAGEOUS! Talk about fear-mongering...

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Where is this need to CONTROL people coming from? The need to always be "RIGHT" even if it means resorting to force, because you are instead WRONG? It's as if a great many people have forgotten how to think or create, and they build their all-important egos upon the technologies invented in the past, being nothing but niggling bean-counters and bean-throwers, as if they are kings of the truth. As if they invented it all - by some stroke of endless, petty close-mindedness!
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Their sheeple meme, (i.e., THOUGHT PRION)...

Did you know that once you put any bag on the conveyor belt, you are prohibited from leaving the airport? But...


Did you know that thousands have stopped flying due to TSA, and so maybe they would say, "SEE! See how many terrorists we stopped!?" Because...


Did you know that the naked body scanners were never tested or regulated, but they may detach your retina, ETC.? But...


Homeland Security Concedes Airport Body Scanner ‘Vulnerabilities’ - Federal investigators “identified vulnerabilities in the screening process” at domestic airports using so-called “full body scanners,” according to a classified internal Department of Homeland Security report. DHS has spent nearly $90 million replacing traditional magnetometers with controversial X-ray body scanning machines that are intended to detect items that could be missed by a metal detector. Exactly how bad the body scanners are is not being divulged publicly, but the Inspector General report made eight separate recommendations on...

Did you know that a facilitating agent assisted "Underwear Bomber" #1, but was allowed to disappear into obscurity? Did you know that "Underwear Bomber" #2 was evidently a CIA co-operative, and he was allowed to disappear into obscurity? Do you know that neither actually invoked terrorism by blowing up a plane, which #1 had every ability to do? And the "shoe-bomber" was a klutz? Do you know that, at the very LEAST, entrapment was used by the FBI to entice the Cleveland, (or Portland), "bridge-bombers" to create their scare? And the corporate news media eats it all up? At our expense?

Daddy, are we in TERROR yet?"...

Al-Qaeda underwear bomber working for the CIA, Saudis
Secret CIA informant volunteered to be al-Qaeda bomber (+video)
Airport Bomb Scanners Neglected in Storage
U.S. sends airport security guide to other countries
Biometric Scanner Use At Schools Prompt Parent Concerns
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NYC Wants Your Twitter Data

Have You Occupied Wall Street? NYC Wants Your Twitter Data:
If you've taken part in Occupy Wall Street, then the New York County District Attorney's Office might want to take a peek at your Twitter data. The DA's office has sent subpoenas to Twitter asking for the data of a handful of people arrested last year as part of the Occupy Wall Street protests. Twitter has been sending those users the text of the subpoenas via email. -